Well THAT’S Better!

I think there are a few more things to tweak, but overall, I’m happy with this new look. Cleaner, brighter, easier on the eyes … and it took a LOT less time than I thought it would. Also, I stayed up way later than I wanted to, but whatever. Short day at work tomorrow, but it’s real date night tomorrow, so I have to get in and out by 3 and still put in an 8 hour day. Yes–that’s a short day. Don’t ask … it just is.

Anyway, hope y’all like the new look. I do! If you have suggestion though, fire ’em over through comments. Thanks!


  1. ha ha! i like this a lot. glad you “forced my hand” on this one; i had the idea kicking around for at least a couple of months, but i just never got around to it. thanks!

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